She Still Speaks

Oh, oh, oh have I got a treat for you?! Liz is in the house…or on the blog!

Liz Curtis Higgs is one of the funniest and wisest women I know and I am so happy to share her words with you today.

She gets us girls. She knows what it’s like to want to live well and wise and her insights have helped me do just that so I know she will help you too.


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When the queen of Sheba had a convo with King Solomon three thousand years ago, amazing things poured out of her mouth: honesty, humility, encouragement, and praise. It’s impressive.

Kinda like that famous woman in Proverbs who fills the air with wisdom whenever she speaks.

Do the words you speak fill the air with wisdom?
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Look, I’m not intimidated by the fact that she “selects wool and flax and works with eager hands” (Proverbs 31:13) or “considers a field and buys it” (Proverbs 31:16). Every woman has her own unique set of skills, right?

But this business about the words she says? Oh my.

She speaks with wisdom, and faithful instruction is on her tongue. Proverbs 31:26

Are your words worthwhile, or are you just talking your way through life?
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Right now I’m so under conviction, I almost can’t type.

See, I am a woman who speaks a lot — basically, from the moment I open my eyes until I finally close them at night. Hour by hour, I toss out my opinions, plans, advice, ideas, observations, random thoughts.

If it’s on my mind, it’s on my lips.

I’m thinking I’m not alone in this. So, do we have anything worthwhile to say, or are we simply talking our way through life?

When our Proverbs 31 sister speaks, she offers something worth hearing. People gladly listen, knowing her words will be “like apples of gold in settings of silver” (Proverbs 25:11).

Most days, my words are like stale popcorn in a striped paper bag.

Our words should be describing God’s loyalty, faithfulness, and loving-kindness.
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As a mother, the Proverbs 31 woman surely talked about what’s for dinner and whose turn it was to wash the dishes. As a queen, Sheba must have loved sharing her wisdom with her advisers. But the most important thing these women discussed was God’s loyalty, faithfulness, and loving-kindness, glorifying Him with their words.

For those of us with the gift of gab, this really is good news. We don’t have to stop talking (whew). We just need to carefully weave the truth of God’s love in and through our conversations as the Holy Spirit leads.

We don’t have to stop talking, we just need to glorify Him with our words.
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Of all the things the queen of Sheba said to King Solomon, this statement stands out: “Praise be to the Lord your God” (1 Kings 10:9). Though she also applauded the king and his people, the queen of Sheba reserved her highest praise for the One who made Solomon wise.

These ancient women show us a timeless truth: our words matter, and God’s Word matters most of all.

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