Can I Juggle a Lot and Accomplish What Matters Most? With Crystal Paine [Episode 247]

Juggle Lots Accomplish Matters Most Crystal Paine

Exhausted. Burned out. Stressed. Overwhelmed. Many of us try to fit our lengthy to-do lists into our already-packed schedules but simply run out of time. It seems the only solution is to add more hours to the day—if only that were possible.

But what if we didn’t need more time? What if we chose to spend our time differently?

God Met Us “Little People” – FGF Highlights, Oswego, IL

I have never heard anyone pray what Tonda, our prayer team leader, did during the volunteer meet and greet. As we prayed together just before the conference, she thanked God for loving us, His “little people.”

There was so much wisdom in her reference to us as “little people,” and I loved it!

FGF Oswego

Thank you to Carol Frenzel for the beautiful photos. To see the entire Facebook photo album, click here. For those of you who joined the photo booth fun, you can view your photos here.

It made me think of Psalm 8:4, which says:

Can I Stop Being a Control Freak Mom? With Crystal Paine [Episode 150]

Stop Being a Control Freak Mom

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Let’s face it, there’s so much we can’t control when it comes to parenting, right? And yet, lots of us try to control so much of our kids’ lives—what they do, who they become, and the choices they make. But when the challenges of parenting become too difficult, we’re clueless of what to do because there’s no manual to follow.