Can I Choose Words That Speak Life and Give Grace? With Sarah Molitor [Episode 289]

Choose Words Speak Life Give Grace Sarah Molitor

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Do you ever have moments when your words get the best of you?

Maybe it’s complaining or yelling when, deep down, you really want to be a person who speaks with kindness and grace. Maybe you know how much your words hurt, but you say them anyway because it feels good in the moment. Or maybe you stay silent, spout off, or spit out some ugly words without even thinking about it.

How Do You Respond to Hurtful Comments?

Spill The Beans

Dear Jennifer,

I am legally blind with retinitis pigmentosa.  I have spent lots of time leaning how to do things like crochet, run my home, take part in church activities, etc.  It has been a challenge, as you well know, but God has helped me all the way.  Many times I am told, “You can’t be too blind or you couldn’t do that” from sighted people, and I have to admit it hurts some.  With all of your accomplishments, do you get that response and does it bother you, or am I just being too sensitive or proud?  How do you respond to it?


Jennifer’s Answer: