Audio Christmas Card Featuring Your Favorite 4:13ers [Episode 225]

Audio Christmas Card Kathie Lee Gifford Laura Story Kelly Minter Michael O’Brien Craig Aven

Merry Christmas, 4:13ers! This is an audio Christmas card to brighten your day and let you know how much we love you.

We’ve got a few of your favorite 4:13ers who want to give you their Christmas greetings, including Kathie Lee Gifford, Laura Story, and Kelly Minter. And then, Michael O’Brien will sing you his Christmas greeting.

Can I Really Know the God of the Bible? With Kathie Lee Gifford [BONUS]

Know God Bible Kathie Lee Gifford The Way

Kathie Lee Gifford is on the podcast today, and you’re going to love this conversation.

She creates a compelling case for the God of the Bible by merging the ancient with the modern, giving you some historical and cultural insights that will open your eyes—and your heart—to see God and the Bible as never before.

While the stories in the Bible are thousands of years old, they continue to offer life, hope, and direction for today. And in this BONUS podcast episode, you’ll be reminded of the Bible’s ever-present, life-transforming power.