Can I Really Know if I’ve Found the One? With Nick & Chelsea Hurst [Episode 249]

Know Found One Nick Chelsea Hurst

How do you know he’s the one? How do you know she’s the girl you’re supposed to marry? How do you really know you’re right for each other?

These are the kinds of questions Nick and Chelsea Hurst have been asked since over 2 million people began to follow their love story, engagement, and marriage on YouTube. And today, they’re going to dive deeper into the guidance they received, the lessons they learned, and the questions they asked themselves and each other as they navigated the biggest decision of their lives.

Authenticity at ICRS in Denver

I just got back from the ICRS-International Christian Retailers Convention held in Denver. This is a trade show where Christian book retailers come to order books from publishers, and meet authors. About 10,000 attend this event. It was a fabulous time for many reasons.

First, Phil and I went alone and our schedule wasn’t as packed as usual so it was almost romantic! At least for us, it’s as close as we ever get to a romantic get away! Secondly, the weather was cool and dry-my hormones were in heaven! Hmm, maybe that’s why it was such a romantic excursion. Second, I met hundreds of wonderful people during my book signing for my new release, Lessons I Learned in the Light