Save Me a Seat in Heaven

Abnormal Psychology. Personality Psychology. Cognitive Psychology. Social Psychology. What do those have in common?


Well, I guess you could surmise that I am suggesting I have an abnormal personality and I think I need to be more social? That’s a stretch! Actually, what those have in common is Dr. Lewter.

Boy Meets Girl, the Break Up, Boy Marries Girl: Happy Couple 27 Years Later [Video]

Today, my Dr. Phil and I celebrate 27 years of marriage. It hasn’t always been easy, but it sure has been worth it. We could not be happier, and Phil still reminds me of Tom Selleck (see video).

Would you like to hear about our love story?

In April, Phil and I spoke at the Founder’s Day Chapel at our beloved Alma Mater, Palm Beach Atlantic University. Phil graduated in ’85, I graduated in ’86, and we married on August 9, 1986.

In our talk, we could not help but reflect on our days at PBA. We’d tried our best to relate to the students, and honor some of the wonderful people that had such an impact on our lives. Phil put some “old-school” photos together to go along with our talk.