Save Me a Seat in Heaven

Abnormal Psychology. Personality Psychology. Cognitive Psychology. Social Psychology. What do those have in common?


Well, I guess you could surmise that I am suggesting I have an abnormal personality and I think I need to be more social? That’s a stretch! Actually, what those have in common is Dr. Lewter.

Dr. Billy Lewter was one of my psychology professors when I was a student at Palm Beach Atlantic University. I remember his classes vividly. He was interesting, engaging and always challenged us to understand psychological theories not so we could be learned, but so we could love and help people.

That was what he was about – helping and loving people.

He graduated last week. He went home to Heaven where he now knows as he was known. You can read about Dr. Lewter’s legacy here and see why we all miss him down here.

His niece contacted me last week to let me know he passed. She recounted that Dr. Lewter told her of the last time he and I were together. It was Founder’s Day at Palm Beach Atlantic University last spring. Phil and I were speaking at a chapel service (you can watch the video here). Dr. Lewter, though fighting illness, planned to attend.  I wanted to see him and sit by him.

If you want to make your time here matter, give it to another.
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His niece told me he mentioned several times that I “saved him a seat.”  I did because I had a professor in college named Billy Lewter who taught me to love and help people.  I was just following his example by saving him a seat. Such a small gesture meant a great deal to my professor.

Now, I expect he will return the favor. “Dr. Lewter, please save me a seat up there in Heaven. I want to sit by you, eat some fruit from the Tree of Life and keep learning.”

People matter. Save them a seat next to your heart and love them.

Let them sit by you and learn from your struggles and your strengths. When you invest in another’s life, the dividends will pay through eternity.

If you want to make your time here matter, give it to another. Invest in another. 

As a student, I sat and listened to Dr. Lewter speak. Now, 30 years later, people sit and listen to me speak.

Thank you for your investment Dr. Lewter.  Your time here was well spent and is still paying eternal dividends. Well done, sir.

Question: Who is someone who has made a difference in your life?


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