My Husband is a Facebook Stalker

He found her! When I heard her read God is Just Not Fair on audio I was blown away! I told Phil, “She read my book exactly how I would have read it if I could see to read!”

My husband was a Facebook stalker for me.

audio edition of book

True confession: I am that author. I am the author who buys her own book because she cannot wait to get it in the mail from the publisher! Ha! Actually, it’s because I am such a big listener that when I found my own audiobook on Audible, I just had to get it! Goofy, I know.

The reader’s name is Diana Batarseh, and it was BrillianceAudio who hired her. Brilliant choice Brilliance!

She is so gifted and I am so grateful that I was on the receiving end of her incredible gift! When you hear it, you will see what I mean. She read so intuitively and sincerely. Her interpretation was perfect.

I just love how God uses each of us according to our gifts. I would have never thought in a million years that a book I wrote would actually minister to me. But, when I heard it read with such keen interpretation, I experienced it totally differently and I felt like I heard God speaking to me, not through me.

You are gifted. Whatever it is that God has gifted you to do, do it!
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I know you are gifted too. Whatever it is that God has gifted you to do, do it! It may seem small to you, but it can make a big impact on someone else who will be on the receiving end.

So grateful my Facebook-stalking husband found Diana so I could thank her personally and applaud God publicly for what He did through her on this book! Yeehaw!!

Question for you: We all are gifted in different ways. Who is someone in your life who has used his or her gifting to bless you? 

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