Full Hearts, Full Theaters — Even Fandango Agrees

Oh, oh, oh my word!! Revive Us 2016 last Tuesday night was beyond words!! I thought the family gathering would be inspiring — and it sure was. But, it was far more than inspiring… it was powerful and empowering! 1,000 theaters full of people gathered as the family of God, seeking revival for ourselves and hope for our nation.


We broadcasted live from Harvest Cathedral in Chicago and you could just feel the Spirit of God in that place. God gave Kirk Cameron a big beautiful vision to remind us as the people of God of who we are and Who we trust. I loved how God wove together one message through every speaker — our trust is in God and He is sovereign over the nations — this nation. Thank You, Lord!

So, you’ve probably heard the buzz about this and if you missed it on Tuesday, fret not!!

How Do You Become a Great Leader?

Spill The Beans


I feel like I am on a spiritual high.  That’s another way of saying I feel like I am growing closer to God, learning so much and just getting to the point where I am doing things I never had a chance to do, including women’s Bible study, being in the leadership position, and taking care of an annual women’s event.

My problem is relationships.  While I am happy and willing, so many of the ladies seem discouraging, too busy or just uninterested.  I know God is leading me, yet I cannot change other people, and I am wondering if God may want to use me somewhere outside of my present church.  I keep praying about this situation.

Please give me some help.  How do I get to the place where I am not just a “good leader” but a “great leader?”

Also, I would like to know how to get the training to become a writer or a speaker.

Desperate!!!  Joy

Jennifer’s Answer