Can I Live Less Overwhelmed? [Episode 2]

Can I Live Less Overwhelmed [Episode 2]

On a crisp fall morning, I sat with my precious friend and writing assistant, Karen, in her upstairs office. Phil was out of town, and we planned to work on some new book proposals together.

I had started writing my first book just one year earlier and now found myself on a fast track. I wasn’t sure if I was driving, being driven, or a combination of the two. In addition, my travel schedule had swollen with opportunities that I didn’t feel I could or should turn down.

What In the World Is the 4:13 Podcast? [Introduction]

Why the 4:13 Podcast? On this introduction episode, you will discover how 4:13 has helped blind author and speaker Jennifer Rothschild navigate the inevitable “can’t” of blindnessand how it can help you be and do more than you feel capable of.

On the 4:13 Podcast, we will get real about life’s not so simple moments and learn to apply 4:13 to whatever we face!

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Coming Soon: The 4:13 Podcast


I’m so excited to let you in on a secret … you and I are about to become podcast buddies! That’s right, very soon (September 13, to be exact), I’ll be launching my brand new podcast, the 4:13 Podcast.

This fun news may also make you think about a few questions, so let me see if I can go ahead and answer those for you!