Good Clean Fun

We are at a hotel in New Orleans right now. It is so good to be back in the USA where we can flush the toilet paper and drink the water! But, I must say, I love Ecuador. My heart is forever changed after being there.

Laundromat Photo

[Good Clean Fun]

I am so grateful we have some new members of our family through Compassion, International; Martin and his 2 sisters. He is the little boy who lives with his 12 year old sister and his 6 year old sister in Quito. His 12 year old sister has become his mother, since their mother died three years ago. Their father left the family shortly after the mother died, and if not for the resourcefulness of a 12 year old, a loving church, and Compassion, I don’t know where those precious children would be. But now, Martin is ours and we will sponsor their whole little family and keep them in our hearts.

Anyway, tomorrow we are leaving on our family vacation. We will all board a Carnival Cruise leaving from New Orleans, and be gone for 7 days [or more :)]. This will probably be one of the last whole family vacations for a while since Clay and Caroline are entering the grown-up world of full-time jobs in August, and Connor is entering high school and will become increasingly busy and more interested in his friends!

Lucy probably has forgotten us as she has been at Doggie Dream World, AKA, Beverly Cox’s home! She loves being there. Man, are we grateful for Miss Beverly!

Well, we spent an hour at the Laundromat here in New Orleans washing our clothes from Ecuador so we could take them on the cruise. You should have seen me and Phil trekking across a six lane highway, pulling a roll-on full of laundry, just to get to the Laundromat across from hotel. I haven’t used a Laundromat in years, and I must say, I loved it!! It was quick because Phil helped, and we just hung out and ate Black Beans and Rice and Plantains at Pollo Campero! Small pleasures!

Off to Walmart to buy sunscreen and then we will board the ship in the morning. So, bless you, all you wonderful friends. I wish I could put each of you in my suitcase and sail the ocean with you! Hope to post some pics at the ports.


P.S. Want to join me on the Girl’s Get Away Cruise in October? More info.

My Audio Journal Day 4-5: Quito, Ecuador

Have you ever had a fried, sugary plantain? I hate to admit it, but here in Quito, Phil and I can’t stop eating them. All the food here is good, but the plantains seem to be our downfall. Muy bueno!

Remnants of the stickers children enjoyed receiving  from Jennifer and Phil.

Remnants of the stickers children enjoyed receiving from Jennifer and Phil.