My Audio Journal Day 4-5: Quito, Ecuador

Have you ever had a fried, sugary plantain? I hate to admit it, but here in Quito, Phil and I can’t stop eating them. All the food here is good, but the plantains seem to be our downfall. Muy bueno!

Remnants of the stickers children enjoyed receiving  from Jennifer and Phil.

Remnants of the stickers children enjoyed receiving from Jennifer and Phil.

Our trip is in full swing. Phil and Theresa and I met a beautiful woman named Anita, who cooked more delicious food for us! Anita was learning how to read medical information from her promoter, even with chickens running through her house. Well, chickens and cats! It was incredibly funny, and so inspiring. I’ll never forget Anita. She is just one of the incredible people we met this week.

We rounded out our trip with a Compassion Leadership Development dinner. We met a few college students who came from NOTHING but, by being a sponsored child of Compassion during their childhood, they are now pursing medicine, finance and engineering degrees. They told us they want to use their degrees to give back and help out, just like they were with Compassion. How cool is that?

Needless to say, Phil and I are hooked. There aren’t even words to say how much Compassion deeply effects these children through their whole lives.

We’ll keep you posted as we travel back to the U.S. of A. We’re excited to come home and see our family and our precious dog, Lucy!

Here’s our audio journal of our last part of week in Ecuador. Wanna here about our first part of our Ecuadorian trip? We have audio adventures of that too.

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