Update from the Laundromat

We are =
at a hotel in New Orleans right now.  It is so good to be back in =
the USA where we can flush the toilet paper and drink the water! But, I =
must say, I love Ecuador.  My heart is forever changed after being =
there. I am so grateful we have some new members of our family through =
Compassion, International; Martin and his 2 sisters.  He is the =
little boy who lives with his 12 year old sister and his 6 year old =
sister in Quito.  His 12 year old sister has become is mother, =
since their mother died three years ago. Their father left the family =
shortly after the mother died, and if not for the resourcefulness of a =
12 year old, a loving church, and Compassion,  I don’t know where =
those precious children would be.  But now, Martin is ours and we =
will sponsor their whole little family and keep them in our hearts. =


Anyway, tomorrow we are leaving on our family =
vacation.  We will all board a Carnival Cruise leaving from New =
Orleans, and be gone for 7 days [or more :)].  This will probably =
be one of the last whole family vacations for a while since Clay and =
Caroline are entering the grown-up world of full-time jobs in August, =
and Connor is entering high school and will become increasingly busy and =
more interested in his friends! 


Lucy probably has forgotten us as she has been at =
Doggie Dream World, AKA, Beverly Cox’s home!  She loves being =
there. Man, are we grateful for Miss Beverly! 


Well, =
we spent an hour at the Laundromat here in New Orleans washing our =
clothes from Ecuador so we could take them on the cruise.  I =
haven’t used a Laundromat in years, and I must say, I loved it!!  =
 It was quick because Phil helped, and we just hung out!  =
Small pleasures!


Off to =
Walmart to buy sunscreen and then we will board the ship in the morning. =
 So, bless you, all you wonderful friends.  I wish I could put =
each of you in my suitcase and sail the ocean with you!  Hope to =
post some pics at the ports.




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