Can I Hold On When I Want to Let Go? [Episode 5]

I used to have a guide dog named William. And, one Sunday morning, after I’d had William for several months, we sat attentively in my Bible study group.

Well, at least … I sat attentively … kind of.

It was awfully hard because William’s attention was riveted by a grasshopper that had made its way into our room via an open door.

William was determined to catch that critter—even if he had to knock over a stack of Bibles and three Baptists in the process! He slapped his paws forward and jerked his head in pursuit.

Can I Live Less Overwhelmed? [Episode 2]

Can I Live Less Overwhelmed [Episode 2]

On a crisp fall morning, I sat with my precious friend and writing assistant, Karen, in her upstairs office. Phil was out of town, and we planned to work on some new book proposals together.

I had started writing my first book just one year earlier and now found myself on a fast track. I wasn’t sure if I was driving, being driven, or a combination of the two. In addition, my travel schedule had swollen with opportunities that I didn’t feel I could or should turn down.

2 Ways God Helps You Rest When Life Is Crazy

I overheard the World’s Most Patient Mom shopping with her two boys.

The little troop was there to get pillows for their bunk beds. There are only about 50,000 pillows in that particular home store, so selecting just two was pretty ambitious.

“Mommy, the ball! I want the ball! The ball!” I listened as one of the boys called out. “Get the ball! The ball … no, not that one! The owange basketball! The fuzzy wound piwwow…”

Well, you get the idea.

3 Steps to Avoid Burnout, According to Jesus

Is your Christmas tree down yet? I have a friend who kept her tree up last year until April! She would report in weekly if she had taken it down and it was so funny…and so relatable!  

We’re busy, right? We’ve got stuff — jobs, family, responsibilities. Our lives can feel like one big revolving door! You know, just when you get done with one thing, here comes another!

3 steps to avoid burnout image

So, when I read Mark 6:31, I thought it could have been my friend’s Twitter post during those weeks she was just too busy to get her Christmas tree down! Or, quite honestly, I thought it could have been my own Facebook status or maybe even yours! Here it is:

For there were many people coming and going, and they did not even have time to eat. Mark 6:31 NASB

Why Victory Makes You Vulnerable

Sometimes life just wears us out, right? When we have to climb mountains of stress or sorrow, we just get tired. Hard stuff can wear us out and leave us feeling powerless.

But, sometimes our most vulnerable tired comes after we have stood on a mountain of success and seen God’s power.

Have you ever felt that kind of exhausted – the kind of soul-tiredness that shows up on the heels of a race well run?