What God Says When You’re Hurting

My dear child,

I know you are struggling. I can hear those doubts tossing around in your mind. You’re wondering if I still care about you, if I am even aware of your daily frustrations and discouragements. You feel as though the trials you are going through don’t matter to me and you question if I even hear your prayers.

I know you can’t see it now, but these trials have purpose.

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I don’t want your pain to leave scars, but beauty marks the whole world will see.

You may not always understand my ways or why I choose to accomplish my perfect plan in a way that seems so imperfect to you, but you can trust me.

I know you are weary child, but don’t give up on Me or your faith in Me. I will show you how I can take what is broken in you and rebuild it. Let me reveal how I can give you a greater sense of peace through every storm you face.

I want you to see the truth of who I really am and free you from any misunderstandings about Me. If you will trust Me, you will experience unexpected peace in spite of unexpected heartache.

What God Says When You’re Hurting
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Child, you were never meant to navigate life alone. I want to be your constant companion on this journey.

Will you come close to me and let me wrap you in my strength? I will reveal myself to you and give you hope; I will be the hope you need when your life doesn’t make sense.

Dear one, I know my ways are confusing and often it seems I am just not fair. But, look to me, let me love you through the questions you have and you will discover that I am just. My ways are perfect and my every action or seeming inaction is because I am just… not fair.

Your Father God

Question: What truth of God’s Word do you cling tightly to during seasons of pain? Share some encouragement. 

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