Can I Believe God Accepts Me No Matter What? [Episode 14]

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Several years ago, my friend Lisa texted me to say she was making me a Christmas gift. She wouldn’t tell me what it was, but she did ask, “If one word could become a reality in your life, what would it be?”

Of course, I wanted to pick the perfect word. So, I texted Lisa back, asking her to clarify. She responded with, “You pick the word you most want as a reality in your life. Only you know what it means to you.”

Girl, I have to say this took me a while! Mostly because I was embarrassed to admit the one word that kept coming to mind.

It was “accepted.”

Funny, isn’t it? I was afraid if Lisa knew “accepted” was my word—and what I most wanted—then she may disapprove or judge or be disappointed.

If you are in Christ, accepted is who you already are. [Click to Tweet]

Now, I wish you knew my friend Lisa—there is no way that could ever happen. She is the most loving, accepting woman I know. My hesitation wasn’t a reflection of her.

Instead, it reflected how much I felt the pressure to be perfect in order to be accepted. It revealed my skewed belief that I was only acceptable when I was impressive. It showed that I had not truly identified with my identity.

A few weeks later, I received in the mail a Scrabble tray with the letter tiles spelling the word “accepted” glued to it. It was what Lisa gave me for Christmas and has become a tangible reminder that “accepted” is who I already am, and acceptance is what I already have.

The same is true for you too, if you are in Christ. You are accepted.

Your identity is not your failure or past. Your identity is not your success or virtues. Your identity is not what you do, what you did, haven’t done, should have done, or wished you’d done. Your identity is a loved, accepted, and complete woman who God calls Beloved.

Your identity is a loved, accepted, and complete woman who God calls Beloved. [Click to Tweet]

But do you believe it? Can you accept that you are accepted by God?

On this episode of the 4:13 Podcast, KC and I talk about how our acceptance has nothing to do with us and everything to do with God. And, we get real practical about how you can learn to embrace your redeemed identity.

2 Ways to Train Your Heart to Believe You Are Accepted

  1. Stay close to God. Who you are comes from God. He is your source of self. This means you can’t really know who you are without really knowing who God is. The way you get to know God is by staying close to Him and spending time with Him. So, who is God? The Bible says God is love—and Jesus is the proof of His love. You are loved because God is love. It is that simple, that deep, and that profound. You will have a right sense of self and an acceptance that you are accepted when you settle into God’s love. One practical way to remind yourself that God loves you is to talk to yourself. If you’re at the gym or taking a walk or just sitting there drinking coffee, you can declare out loud, “[Fill in your name] is loved!”
  2. Stay in God’s Word. You can’t know who you are without God’s Word. Look at Ephesians 1:6, which says, “to the praise of the glory of His grace, in which He did make us accepted in the Beloved.” You are not only accepted in the Beloved, you are accepted by the Beloved. His grace makes you accepted and acceptable. God accepts you, my friend. And, it is not based on your behavior, it is based on His character. When we don’t accept the truth that God accepts us, we are rejecting the truth of Christ’s sacrifice. When we say we are not good enough, we are saying Jesus’ grace is not good or enough. When you are in Christ, you are as accepted and as acceptable to God as Jesus is to God. So, declare you are accepted and use your own name, “[Fill in your name] is accepted!”

Sister, you are accepted. I am accepted. We are not accepted because we are worthy; we are accepted because He is worthy. We are not loved because we are lovable; we are loved because He is love. That is freedom right there!

Remember whatever you face, however you feel, you can accept that you are accepted through Christ who strengthens you.

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