Can I Choose Courage When I Don’t Feel Confident? [Episode 21]

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A few years ago, I was a speaker on the Women of Faith tour.

Each event was held in an arena and the stage was always in the round. When it was the other speakers’ turn to share, they would skillfully navigate the stage, walking around the entire perimeter so they could engage the audience.

But, when you can’t see—like me—that’s dangerous, right? (If you’re new to the 4:13 Podcast, I should let you know I’m blind.)

I didn’t want to just hover in the middle of the stage, though. I wanted to engage the audience in a similar way. So, my husband, Phil, and the crew got creative.

Here’s what they did.

Courage and confidence are not the same thing. Confidence is a feeling, but courage is a choice. [Click to Tweet]

Right before it was my turn to speak, the crew would quickly lay out four rugs in the shape of a plus sign. At the end of each rug was a sound monitor. So, I’d start in the center of the stage and use the feeling of those rugs under my feet as a guide. And, once I neared the end of a rug, I’d hear my voice in one of the monitors. This would cue me to shimmy back a little bit and walk to my left until I hit the next rug.

I remember one time I was sitting on the front row after speaking. Lucy Swindoll was on stage and I heard her say, “I just admire Jennifer Rothschild’s confidence.”

As she said that, I thought, “Sister, I have no confidence. You don’t understand, I got zilcho confidence.”

Maybe you feel that way today too. Perhaps, like me, you feel a little shaky in the confidence department sometimes. If that’s you, let me tell you what I realized that day Lucy Swindoll called me confident. What she was really commenting on was my courage.

God’s power fuels you to be brave and choose courage. [Click to Tweet]

And, friend, no matter what you face, you can choose courage too.

On this episode of the 4:13 Podcast, KC and I talk about how confidence is a feeling, but courage is a choice. You’ll learn how four people in the Bible that we consider spiritual rock stars lacked confidence, but acted with courage anyway. Plus, we’ll give you a couple practical ways you can live a courageous life, as well as a free lock screen download to encourage you.

4 Spiritual Rock Stars Who Had Courage

You are in good company if you lack a little confidence. You walk in the footsteps of those who shook in their sandals! They may seem like spiritual rock stars, but they were just like you.

  1. Abraham. Do you think he felt confident when he climbed Mount Moriah with a sharp knife, a stack of firewood, and his only son? No way! It took courage.
  2. Moses and his mom. Moses’ mother could not have felt totally confident when she laid her sweet baby in a basket to float down the Nile. And, when Moses grew up, he wore his own lack of confidence on his sleeve when God asked him to confront Pharaoh. He stuttered his way through all his insecurities. He had no confidence. He just had courage.
  3. Woman with the issue of blood. She was an outcast. It would have been practically criminal for her to touch a Rabbi. She didn’t reach for the hem of Jesus’ garment because she was totally confident. No, it was courage. Pure, raw, desperate courage.
  4. Esther. She didn’t march boldly into King Xerxes’ throne room and state her case. Instead, it took three days of prayer and fasting. Plus, a couple of dinners with the king and the arm-twisting of her cousin Mordecai before Esther could muster the courage to tell Xerxes why she had risked so much. She didn’t have confidence, that’s for sure. But she stepped out in courage and, as a result, her people were saved.

2 Ways You Can Step Out in Courage

  1. Be disagreeable. 2 Timothy 1:7 says, “For God has not given us a spirit of timidity, but of power and love and discipline.” When it comes to fear, be disagreeable. If God didn’t give it to you, don’t receive it. Look past the fear to the gift God gave you: power. Unwrap it and make it your own. That power fuels you to make the choice to be brave and choose courage. So, when fear starts to show up, disagree with it. When a lack of confidence overwhelms you, disagree with it!
  2. Be dependent. Philippians 2:13 says, “It is God who is at work both to will and to work for his good pleasure.” Friend, it is God who works in you. You depend on Him. It is God’s good pleasure that you activate His power, trust Him, and walk in courage. So, depend on Him to accomplish His will in you. Remember, God empowers you through His strength to do all things. You can keep taking steps of courage, one step at a time.

Even if you don’t feel confident, you can have courage through Christ who gives you strength. So, do what it is that God has called you to do and be who it is that God has created you to be. KC and I are cheering you on!

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