Can I Embrace a New Season of Life with Purpose? [Episode 22 with Caroline Rothschild]

Can I Embrace a New Season of Life with Purpose? [Episode 22 with Caroline Rothschild]

Two years ago, my husband, Phil, and I became empty nesters.

In those first few weeks after our youngest son left for college, I remember how time seemed so vast and spacious, and the house felt so big.

For the first time in 28 years of parenting, I wandered around my kitchen trying to figure out what to do the next morning. I didn’t need to wake up a child for school like I had done for the past two decades.

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My grocery list was shorter. My house was neater. There was less to prepare and lots more to ponder. I’d entered a new season where suddenly my kids didn’t need me in the same way they had before.

Maybe you’ve recently entered a new season too. For you, it may be a new job or the end of a career. It could be a new baby or an empty seat at your dinner table.

New seasons happen in our lives, and with those new seasons sometimes we’re not quite sure how to navigate all the changes. Can I get an amen!?!

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So, on this episode of the 4:13 Podcast, we get honest and practical about those new seasons in our lives. And, KC and I have one of my heroes to help us—Caroline Rothschild. She has a master’s in theology, has worked in publishing, and has taught seventh grade. And, the best part is, she’s married to my oldest son! You’re about to drink from a deep well, friend.

Listen in as Caroline and I have a gut-honest conversation about her first year as a mom. Hear how her identity took a hit and how she learned to embrace this new season of life with purpose. You’ll also get four practical strategies to help you navigate a new season of life—no matter what it is.

Our whole family is so glad Clayton married Caroline!

4 Good Choices When Your Life Changes

  1. Get words of affirmation from the right places. New seasons can cause your identity to take a hit. Seek out affirming words from people who know you and can encourage you with specificity.
  2. Step away so you can process. The day-to-day can hide the big picture. Get away from the dailiness of what you’re doing and take time to process your new experience. This way you won’t lose the big picture in the day-to-day clutter.
  3. Have wise voices speaking into your life. You can’t know everything in a new season because it’s unchartered waters. Be purposeful in allowing wise voices to speak into your life.
  4. Rely on each other. You have friends, you have family, and you have people in your church who have different strengths and different abilities. You don’t need to know everything and you don’t need to do everything. You need to rely on others and be part of a community.

No matter what new season you face, sister, you can embrace it with purpose through Christ who gives you strength.

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