Highlights and Comments: FGF – Brownwood, TX


A big thank you goes to our host venue Coggin Avenue Baptist Church and all the churches that have participated – – what an incredible group of people. There were many churches from in and around the Brownwood area that graciously served the Lord and we are thankful for each one of you who wanted to bring this event to your area.

We had an amazing weekend with about 1000+ women and men coming from all over the greater Brownwood area, and beyond. We joined together for fresh grounded Bible study from Jennifer Rothschild,  incredible testimony and sharing from Stormie Omartian and amazing worship and music with Michael O’Brien and Marcy Priest.

I attended the Saturday session at Coggin Baptist after being invited by a friend. What a marvelous experience! Instead of cleaning house and doing laundry, I got to spend some quality time with the Lord! The music with Marcie Priest, Stormie Omartian’s testimony and your inspiring testimony, Jennifer, was like sitting down with a close friend and discusssing the most important part of your life. It was so grounding and fun. Thank you and please come back. Bless you all. Cynthia J.


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