Cuban Sandwich, Ghiradelli, and Dekker

I love January. It’s usually a snuggly month to regroup after Christmas and prepare for a great new year.  This January was no exception (with the exception of a lumpectomy which I’ll tell you about in Fresh Grounded Thoughts).  Our Christmas was wonderful.

We flew to my folks’ home in Florida on Christmas afternoon.  We also got to spend a whole day with all of Phil’s family who had gathered in Tampa.

We loved being with our families, and of course, I had a Cuban sandwich and plantains at my favorite Dade City restaurant, A Matter of Taste.  I don’t know where you live, but if you’ve never had a good Cuban sandwich and plantains, you simply must find some and give them a taste test!  They are “muy delicioso!”

My favorite chocolate for this month is Ghirardelli Dark Chocolate Truffles.  Oh girl, one creamy bite makes my endorphins do a happy dance.  So far, it is my very favorite Ghirardelli.

The Circle Series by Ted DekkerLastly, I’m reading the Ted Dekker Circle Series which includes the books titled Black, Red, White and Green.  It’s very different from anything I’ve read before.  Sometimes a little too testerone-ish for me, but I keep reading because it’s like putting together a puzzle – I just can’t stop until the last piece is in place!  Sometimes I think Ted Dekker has been influenced by C.S. Lewis fantasies, and other times I think he’s just wildly creative, teeming with originality.

Anyway, this series is a fantasy with some metaphorical snapshots of the contrast between good and evil and the Christian message of redemption. Give it a taste test…I’d love your opinion.

Well sister, February is a short month. Let’s make it count!

Give these things a Taste Test:

1.  A Cuban sandwich and some yummy plantains

2.  Ghirardelli Dark Chocolate Truffles

3.  Ted Dekker’s Circle Series

What else deserves to be tasted? Leave a comment here.

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