Hong Kong Welcomes Blind People

On our trip to China, we visited the mainland; Beijing and Dalian to be exact. We encountered many wonderful things there, but, honestly, it is pretty hard to get around. Even if you can see! So, that’s why I was so pleasantly surprised when we left mainland China and visited Hong Kong. It was so easy to navigate. Especially when you can’t see!

First of all, the lovely people of Hong Kong were so gracious and helpful. I felt many hands on me many times because strangers near me would reach out and hold my arm trying to guide me as I stepped down or went through doors or down stairs. I was struck by their kindness.

It was so intelligently designed and incredibly well thought out.

I was really thrilled, also, by how accommodating their public transportation was. In their metro stations, they have rails embedded in the floors that I could slide my cane along to guide me to every where I needed to go. And, when the rail led to any kind of stair, steps, escalator or intersection, the floor became bumpy to indicate the upcoming change. It was so intelligently designed and incredibly well thought out.

Anyway, I bet lots of commuters never even notice how amazing the ground beneath them is in the Hong Kong Metro Stations, but I couldn’t help but notice! So, I would like to offer a heart felt “m goi saai” to the dear people of Hong Kong. Thanks for everything!

How has someone accommodated for you in a special way? Leave a comment here.

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