How Can I Possibly Rejoice in My Suffering?

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Dear Jennifer,

I have been reading your book, Lessons I Learned in the Dark, and you say that one should rejoice in their suffering.  All I seem to do is get frustrated and depressed.  I have the same trials day in and day out–people making fun of me or dismissing me because they see I have a disability.

I feel that I always have to prove myself to everybody, even though I have become a success.  As you say in your book, I have become very independent, but I feel isolated.  I feel that socially; I have not experienced what others have experienced at my age.  I try to pray, but feel I make little progress.  Your book makes it seem this whole thing has been a pretty smooth ride for you, with a few bumps in the road, in which you are able to conquer most everything.

Thank you, Wendi

Jennifer’s Answer

Hi Wendi,

Thanks for your honest question.  I have a lot of empathy for how you feel.  I have felt that way many times.

The road of faith is full of bumps and lonely places.

Please know that just because you are reading words that communicate the lessons I’ve learned along my path of faith doesn’t mean they were easy lessons.  The book is the polished result of lots of private tears and feeling the harsh rub of life’s sandpaper upon my heart.

When I say “rejoice” in our circumstances, I say that only because it is an act of obedience.

And truly, it is the smartest choice we can make.  The alternative just drains the life out of us.  I rarely feel like rejoicing.  I am still on the path of faith, too.  I still feel immense frustration from time to time.  There are days that the blues and isolation get the best of me.  Sister, it’s a journey!  But I keep walking by faith and that is my hope for you, too.  I don’t conquer things “easily” in my life–few people do.  I’ve learned to let go and watch God be strong in my weakness, and He conquers in and through me.  He can do that for you, too.  Please let Him.  We will someday be in Heaven where our faith will be sight, there will be no more tears, and we will know as we are known.  That is worth rejoicing over!  Hang in there sister–do not lose heart.

Bless you, Jennifer

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