Dance of Light

I love it when someone is able to help others gain understanding.

I think this unique artist, JD Lewis, has done just that. Though he is now blind due to Retinitis Pigmentosa, this acrylic painting he created along his journey into darkness remains as an interesting illustration of the many stages of sight loss.

He captures the “dance of light” that occurs when he tries to focus.

I, of course, can’t see his painting, but based on his description, it sounds like he painted exactly what goes on in my eyes too.

RP is funny like that; as it diminishes sight, it throws colors and flashes across my visual field. It’s kind of like a fireworks show underneath my eye lids! Though the flashes of light and color are sometimes annoying, and have become less and less frequent over they years, they are at least better than total blackness.

I hope you take a good look at Lewis’ painting. It may clue you in to what one who is losing their sight actually sees. It’s sad, fascinating and…well, it’s just life!

Until God makes “all things new” this is a colorful reminder that someday we will all trade in the “corruptible” for the “incorruptible!”

Just thinking about his painting reminds me the fireworks I long to see are the heavenly ones that will welcome me home to the place where I will dance with “The Light”.

Bring it on Lord!

Painting title and description from the artist: Blind Spots, ‘A Visual Simulation Of Retinitis Pigmentosa’ “This acrylic painting, created in the early 1980’s, while retaining 8-10 degrees of central vision, simulates one of many RP visual experiences through my life. In this illustration, I depict the scenario of “focusing on a person’s eye” within a dimly lit restaurant. The colorful, wildly moving, ever changing, blotches and pinpoints of light, may be the way my brain is perceiving those areas of lost vision. This unique visual perception has been a part of my life since my earliest memories. In fact, at any time, with no effort, I can increase the number, color intensity and activity level by simply focusing my attention on them. Today, the ever familiar “dance of light” remains, while the tiny island of central vision has long disappeared.”

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