I Want to Lead the Blind, Not Be the Blind

This is the first of a five part blog series post meant to encourage you to think deeper about Scripture. I know these posts are not the traditional “bloggy” kind of writing, but it is true to my style and approach in studying God’s Word. Come take a walk with me through God’s word.

Wanna go to Bethsaida with me? There is someone there I want to observe and learn from. He is blind. So, for the next few blogs, I am just going to read his story and meditate upon what he is telling me from centuries past. It’ll be kinda like thinking out loud. So I want to know your thoughts, too.

I invite you to come with me and give your observations too! Let’s learn from each other.

One of the most tender pictures of Jesus as Healer was in Bethsaida. Let’s read the first part of the story below.

Mark 8:22   They came to Bethsaida, and some people brought a blind man and begged Jesus to touch him.

Let’s stop right there. Jesus and His disciples arrived in the city and right away “they” brought a blind man to Him. I wonder who “they” were.

Is this referring to the disciples or the blind man’s friends, his family?

Could it be that people from his village brought him to Jesus so he could be free from blindness?

Or was it because, if he were healed, he would no longer be a burden to them?

I wonder who brought him to Jesus and why they did so.

It makes me think about my own blindness. Just that one verse makes me consider my family and friends. I know they have brought me to Jesus in prayer millions of times over the years. I know my Mom wore out the throne of God with her prayers! I bet my Dad approached God like the widow in the story of the unjust judge—over and over. I get emails from women who have read a book or attended a conference and they have often said, “I am praying for you.” I know they bring me to Jesus even though I don’t even know them.

The thing is, I want to be part of “they.” I want to be part of the people who bring those in need to Jesus. But, I must acknowledge that I am the blind man needing to be brought to Him. 

I am spiritually blind in so many ways, and I need Jesus to heal me and open my spiritual eyes. I am willing, Lord. I come.

I can’t seem to shake my default—be the helper, the bringer, the one who connects people in need with Jesus. Perhaps that’s mercy; perhaps it’s pride. But, ultimately, I know deep down, I am the one who needs to be brought to Jesus. I need Him not simply for the healing of my blindness; I need Him to heal my discontent, pride, and self-sufficient spirit. I am spiritually blind in so many ways, and I need Jesus to heal me and open my spiritual eyes. I am willing, Lord. I come.

How about you? What is your spiritual acuity? Are you spiritually blind? Do you wish to be the need-meeter rather than the needy? Hmmm… Leave a comment here.

More later…

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