To Feel the Skin of God

This is the second of a five part blog series post meant to encourage you to think deeper about Scripture. Okay, back to Bethsaida…Remember, Wednesday we encountered the blind man there? If you didn’t read it, click here to read and get caught up on our journey.

Mark 8:23 “Taking the blind man by the hand, He brought him out of the village.”

My eyes well up when I see this picture in my mind’s eye. Jesus took the blind man by the hand.

Jesus could have instructed His disciples to lead the man. Jesus could have nodded at the person who brought the blind man as a signal to continue to lead him out of the crowd. But, Jesus Himself took the blind man by the hand.

What must that have felt like?

What would it be like to feel the skin of God grasp my hand?

What would it feel like to have incorruptible envelop corruptible?

Was Jesus’ hand warm?

Was it rough from carpentry?

Was it strong; was it gentle?

Could the blind man feel Jesus’ blood pulse as it coursed into His fingers?

The blind man experienced the privilege of feeling the Hand of God before it was pierced for his sin. He felt the human flesh of the One who would hold a nail in His palm for ultimate healing for all people, for all time. Incredible.

Sometimes I think, for me that would have been enough. Jesus wouldn’t have to heal my blindness after leading me and holding my hand. Blindness would suddenly seem lesser after being held and led by Jesus.

I am still being held by His Hand. His gracious hand leads me toward the healing of my spiritual blindness.

Perhaps my experience isn’t so different from the blind man in Bethsaida? Jesus has held my hand. He has led me. He has gently taken me from the crowd of my fears and sorrows and has brought me to a place of one on one sheltered closeness with Him. Thank You Jesus. How tender.

I am still being held by His Hand. His gracious hand leads me toward the healing of my spiritual blindness.

But, that’s where my identification with the blind man from Bethsaida ends.

Question: Where does this message meet you? Please give your impressions below. Leave a comment here.

More later… See you soon!

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