If the Election Has Made You Crazy

Okay, I just need to call it what it is… discouraging. Disappointing. Deflating. Depressing. Yes, I’m talking about this election year! It’s crazy!

We’ve got enough collective concern and anxiety to fill the Grand Canyon ten times over!


Lots of us feel worried and even disgusted about what is going on in America during this crazy election season, right?

Well, at least I fight those feelings. And, I bet you do too, but God is not panicking on His throne. He isn’t wringing sweaty palms wondering what is going on. No way!  He knows “what is!” And, we need to know too.

God isn’t panicking on His throne about this election. [Click to Tweet]
 To reduce the anxiety that so many of are feeling, we need to trade in the “what if” for “what is.” Anxiety comes from living the “what ifs.”

“What if so-and-so gets elected?!”

“What if so-and-so ends up in the Oval Office?!”

“What if this is as good as it gets?”

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All the what-ifs are uncertain. But “what is” is certain. “What is” is that God isn’t panicking in Heaven, wringing His hands and wondering what will happen in and to America. “What is” is that God is sovereign, gracious, just and in control.

When we trade in what if for what is we find peace. [Click to Tweet]

Daniel 4:17 says that “the Most High is sovereign over all kingdoms on earth and gives them to anyone he wishes and sets over them the lowliest of people.” That is “what is!” We look around and just feel the “what ifs” grow in our hearts because we just don’t get it!

The “what is” is that God’s got this and He’s got us. And we can trust Him.

So, let’s shift from fear to faith! Let’s move from confusion to confidence! Let’s come together as one church, and put our hope in Jesus, not in a candidate, a party or an election!

Our hope is in Jesus, not a party, candidate or election. [Click to Tweet]
We need hope.
That’s why Kirk Cameron is presenting a one-of-a-kind experience in theaters all across America on Tuesday, October 18. It’s not a political event. It’s a family gathering of hope. It’s called Revive Us 2016.

It will be live in theaters on October 18 and I want you to join me! “Revive Us” will feature Dr. Ben Carson, Pastors Francis Chan and Dr. James MacDonald, Eric Metaxas, Vertical Church Band, Miss Clara from The War Room and… me!!

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 It will be a night full of hope during these shaky times. The evening will conclude with a question-and-answer session created from audience-submitted questions. That will be followed by a moment where audience members can gather in their theaters for prayer.

Amazing, right?!?

I don’t want you to miss it.  Be a part of something bigger than you that will fill you and encourage you and help your light shine brighter. Get your tickets, friends and family and join me! www.reviveus2016.com

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Lord, revive us. Settle our hearts and give us wisdom. Where there is hate, may we love. Where there is confusion, give us clarity. We pray for our nation and for Your will to be done here on earth as it is in Heaven.  Amen.

In the comments, write a “what is” about God that gives you hope.

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