Jane, Waco, and Leopard Print!

The New Year began with Connor staying up until midnight for the first time.  He shared sparkling cider with us and celebrated New Years Eve.  His profound comment after the ball dropped, we cheered and toasted our cider, was, “Is this all there is? Do we get presents?!”

2008 is the gift.  It’s a chance to start new, leave behind the old things and keep only what is wise and beneficial.  One thing I am definitely holding onto is my love for dead authors!

Jane Austen on PBSLately, I’ve been on a Jane Austen kick. December’s book was Persuasion, and this month, I’m reading Emma. How delightful that PBS is featuring her books on Masterpiece Theatre for the last and next few weeks!  You really must pick up one of her books or check out the series on PBS.  My next book of hers will be Pride and Prejudice – I’ll give you a ‘taste’ of it in next month’s Java.

We also finally did our very first Fresh Grounded Faith event in Waco, Texas at the end of this month. Wow.  It was an extra shot, extra hot venté amount of fun and inspiration.   The women of Waco who worked on the conference were beautiful, and I am grateful for each one.

Anita Renfroe was too funny for words.  She really is a witty and smart woman.  One of the highlights of the conference was sharing a live version of “Spill the Beans” with her. The audience was full of great questions and Anita was full of…uh…something…oh yeah, great answers!

Shelley Jennings filled our cups with her moving songwriting and singing…you really need to hear my 2 favorite songs of hers: Invitation to the Thirsty‘ and ‘My Prayer for You.’  Oh man, you will be blessed.

Now, I have one more simple goal to fulfill before spring.  I must put the new set of Leopard sheets I got for Christmas on the guest bed! My friend Kellie guaranteed they would look great.  If you come visit, be prepared for a “wild” night!

So give these things a taste test:

1.  Emma
or Pride and Prejudice (if you want to read Austen’s books along with me)
2.  Masterpiece Theatre
3.  Anita Renfroe’s videos and books
4.  Shelley Jenning’s music
5.  Leopard Sheets

What have you been tasting lately? Leave a comment here.

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