Jennifer and KC Spill the Beans on Their Most Embarrassing Moments [Episode 57]

Have you ever meant one thing, but when you said it, it came out sounding like something else—and, friend, that something else was really, really embarrassing?

I sure have!

Years ago, I was invited to speak at the Crystal Cathedral several times by Dr. Robert Schuller. On one particular visit, I was sitting with him, Mrs. Schuller, and a few others in one of the conference rooms.

Mrs. Schuller sat next to me, and she mentioned how she was impressed by my memory when I spoke. “How do you remember it all?” she asked.

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(If you’re a new 4:13er, this might be a good time to tell you that I’m blind. So when I speak, I can’t refer to notes. Instead, I have to memorize what I’m going to say.)

At her question, the entire table got quiet. It turns out that the others at the table—including Dr. Schuller—were interested to know too.

I shared a couple of things before saying, “For the main points that I made, I just made sure I kept saying the f word over and over. I’d say the f word, unpack a point, and then say the f word again.”

Now, sister, I assure you I wasn’t really saying the f word when I spoke. What I meant was that I said words that started with the letter F, such as “faith” and “family.” Using words that all started with the same letter helped me better remember my main points.

But, not only did I not explain that as I shared, but I also didn’t realize how what I was saying sounded. What I did realize, though, was that everyone had gotten very quiet—and I wasn’t sure why.

Finally, there was collective laughter and it dawned on me what I’d said. I was so embarrassed that I’d gone on and on about the f word to Dr. Schuller and his wife.

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We all have those embarrassing moments, don’t we?

Well, today on the 4:13 Podcast, KC and I are spilling the beans on our most embarrassing moments—which includes this f word moment. Because, friend, sometimes we just need to lighten up and laugh.

Scripture tells us, “A merry heart does good, like medicine” (Proverbs 17:22). So, if you need to hear how silly others can be so you feel better about yourself, this is your chance.

Pull up a chair, pour yourself a cup of coffee, and listen as we share the dumbest things we’ve done, the moments we wish we could rewind and redo, and the reason we can laugh no matter what!

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