My Extraordinarily Ordinary Thanksgiving List

It’s Thanksgiving! This wonderful holiday begs us to recognize life’s blessings – both big and small.

There are some extraordinarily ordinary things I am thankful for, so I thought I would share part of my list with you. I hope you will share part of your extraordinarily ordinary grateful list with me too!

I am grateful for a Godly grandpa who I stumbled upon early one morning reading his Bible. I’m thankful for his son, my Hero Dad, who has been the single greatest example of a servant leader in my life.

I’m grateful that he married my beautiful mom. Because of her, I learned poise and good manners! She helped me see beauty in everything. And because of her, my memory still sees a palette of stunning colors.

I’m thankful for the trees that shade my living room in the afternoon–they keep my couches from fading.

I’m thankful for thin rimmed teacups, the smell of leather, the melody of wind chimes and the feeling of silk against my skin.

I’m thankful for Joan, Paula, Lisa, Katherine, Lori, Deborah and all the other gutsy women who let me call them friend.

I’m grateful that someone decided to make a candle that smells like hazelnut coffee.

This wonderful holiday begs us to recognize life’s blessings – even the seemingly ordinary ones. [Click to Tweet]

I’m thankful for low fat lattes, dark chocolate and that C.S. Lewis wrote The Great Divorce and The Silver Chair.

I’m thankful for a dog who makes me giggle, two sons who make me proud, a daughter-in-law who makes me think and a husband who makes me a better woman.

I’m even thankful for his clothes piled on the closet floor right in front of the hamper. They remind me how empty my life would be without him.

I’m thankful for Scripture which leads my soul into a peaceful sanctuary every time I hear it read.

I am grateful I can hear a smile in a person’s voice and I am thankful for my piano, which gives me a voice.

And, I am thankful for this computer which gives me a bridge to the world that I can cross as often as I choose. When this bridge connects me to you … well, I am most grateful!

Happy Thanksgiving friend.

What’s an extraordinarily ordinary thing you’re grateful for today?

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