Setting My Inner Nerd Free

I am about to turn 50 years old and I want to celebrate.

Any woman turning 50 should be able to celebrate however she wants to, right? (Nod your head.) She should be able to, at least for one week, celebrate by letting her inner most nerd escape and party. Right? (I hope you’re still nodding yes!)

Well since you agree, I am going to have a big C.S. Lewis bash for the next 7 days! (Strike up the band!) And below, I’ll share with you how to win the Ultimate C.S. Lewis Swag Bag!


I’ve mentioned to you that I love C.S. Lewis, but I’ve contained my obsession. This week, I’m not holding anything back. My inner nerd shall run free!

I am not the only one with an inner nerd. I bet you have one too and that nerd in you is just waiting for an excuse to party. Well, here is your excuse!

Throw up your pocket protectors, push up your eye glasses and sharpen your pencils because for 7 days, I will quote Lewis, offer some Lewis trivia, write about Lewis, ask you questions about Lewis and finally … (drum roll) give away the ultimate C.S. Lewis Swag Bag! Yes! It contains all my favorite Lewis stuff. Your inner nerd will absolutely love it, I promise.

Since it’s my birthday, I get to give the gift.

So why, you may wonder, is Jennifer such a Lewis fanatic? Well honestly, it’s because his writing led me through a dark time in my faith when I was questioning so many things about God. His insights clarified some things for me and his personal struggles comforted me. He became my authoritative guide and, as if I weren’t already crazy about him, that experience took me to a whole new level of bonding.

Calling all nerds to join @jennrothschild’s birthday party! Come celebrate and you could win the ultimate @CSLewis swag bag! [Click to Tweet]

Okay, I will just plain admit it. I have a crush on C.S. Lewis. I love his fiction and non-fiction. I love all his quirkiness.

I traveled to England last year just to enjoy tea at The Kilns (his Oxford home) and … confession … I’ve even dreamed about him. Yep, that’s right. That’s when you know you have it bad. Nothing creepy, I promise. I had a dream that he carried my suitcase for me. I will tell you about it later. If I tell you about it right now, you may think I have the worst case of OCD – Obsessive C.S. Lewis Disorder.

Well, you get it. Invite your inner nerd, and any nerds you know, to hang out with me here for the next 7 days.

And now, the extra fun part! Below you can enter to win the ultimate C.S. Lewis Swag Bag. It’s all my favorite things. On Monday, I’ll show you what’s inside and tell you why I picked each item just for you!


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What’s something that brings out your inner nerd? Now is the time embrace it! Leave a comment below.

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