Stress or Confess?

Isn’t it amazing how God uses stress to make Himself more real to us?

All God's Promises

Saturday morning, I had a choice. Tucked away in my nice, warm bed, a sudden bolt of terror hit me like lightening, and I had to choose: Stress or confess?

Because it happened. On the second morning of our last and biggest Fresh Grounded Faith event of our whole year, my alarm clock decided to take a day off.

You can imagine the morning that followed.

I flew into my closet, flung clothes off of hangers, threw them up in the air and prayed they would fall into place. Phil went straight to the kitchen for coffee which I drank in my bathroom, taking sips between mascara strokes. Whew!

I finally ran out the door, hair unwashed, pants wrinkled … but at least I was showered and on time?

Want to see more photo’s from our Fresh Grounded Faith event in Springfield? Check out my Facebook page to see a few highlights. Also, check out our upcoming Fresh Grounded Faith events and come join me for your own “venti” blessing.

The night before had been a wonderful one. Ann Voskamp, a self-proclaimed Canadian farm girl, brought the room to tears as she proclaimed the joy that comes when we remember to count every gift, every moment, every seemingly nothing is a blessing from God.

“Joy is dangerous. It wins demon wars against the dark. It’s revolutionary. It goes straight against how this world spins. Joy is the only way we can operate victorious in this world.”

Preach it, Ann.

Not 12 hours later, amidst my Saturday morning madness, I had a choice. Revel in the stress, or confess the joys the day held before me? Complain because of my lack of prep time, or take the chaos as a teachable moment? Wallow in the adversity, or jump into the forthcoming blessings?

Confess a giant “Yes” to His promises today. Your stress will melt away!
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What do you think I chose? The only choice … Joy!

And, Michael O’Brien made the choice easy as he led the room in praise. His words sank into my heart. It’s hard to be stressed when your confession turns to praise.

Not only that, Pam Tebow took the stage not long after and spoke a beautiful message of hope.

“Don’t despair. The best is yet to come! It’s worth it. Keep on keeping on because it’s worth it.”

It is worth it. Those simple words deeply touched me. We are overcomers in Christ! We have victory. We have joy anew!

The day ended on a humbling and beautiful note. Eli, our Compassion International representative, told us that over 165 children were rescued from poverty in Jesus’ name that day through the women at FGF. PTL!

The adversary does not win. He never wins when He’s warring against a joy-determined woman who trusts God more than her feelings! And, sister, that is you and that is me. All God’s girls say “Yes and Amen!” Confess a giant “Yes” to His promises today. Your stress will melt away!

“For all the promises of God in Him are Yes, and in Him Amen, to the glory of God through us.” 2 Corinthians 1:20

What’s a thankful confession you can speak against your stress today?

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