Stressed? Where Do You Find Comfort?

It was January of 1989 when I stood in our kitchen with Darlene as she focused on that little stick that would determine whether or not I was pregnant. I was a mix of emotion. I was nervous, worried, hopeful, anxious and insecure.

So, as we waited those eternal few minutes to see the stick change colors, I opened a bag of mini Heath candy bars. I unwrapped one by one and with every bite, I felt a little better. I was distracted and enjoying that toffee crunch and chocolate.  By the time the stick turned blue, I had eaten half the bag!

Food isn’t enough to feed our spirits and bring comfort to our souls.
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Then when Darlene gasped and told me I was pregnant, we jumped up a down and after my feet landed solidly on the kitchen floor, I tore open the remaining Heath bars and ate every last one in the bag! I was eating because I was happy, nervous and stressed. I truly could accompany any emotion I was feeling with a Heath bar and somehow, I felt comforted. I was a classic emotional eater. Are you?

We’ve all heard that we shouldn’t be emotional eaters.

You know, when we’re happy; we eat.

When we’re sad; we eat.

When we’re stressed; we eat!

An emotional eater usually runs to the pantry or frig and goes for a comfort food to soothe whatever emotion they’re feeling. I have been an emotional eater, and since I’ve become aware of it, I’ve tried to eat a different kind of comfort food—spiritual comfort food.

We need God’s Word to be our spiritual comfort food.
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When we are dizzy with emotion, it’s quite natural to seek comfort. There’s nothing wrong with that. What matters though is where we go to get that comfort.

Instead of a mouthful of “comfort food” that just adds calories to our diet and width to our hips, we can feast on spiritual comfort food.

Jesus taught us that we shouldn’t live by “bread” alone, but by every Word that proceeds from the mouth of the Father. In other words, we need bread; we need food. And, we even need a Heath bar now and then! But, what Jesus is saying, is that kind of food isn’t enough to feed our spirits and bring comfort to our souls. We need His Word to be our spiritual comfort food.

Next time I feel stressed, I will feast on God’s provision.
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When we’re worried
When we’re sad
When we’re stressed
When we’re lonely…we can go to Philippians 4:6

Through His Word, God has a smorgasbord of comfort just waiting for you to choose what you need when you need it. My friend, taste and see that The Lord is good. He provides only the best comfort food for your every need.

Don’t be anxious about anything, but in every situation… present your requests to God. Phil 4:6
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Next time you feel stressed, remember that “stressed” is simply “desserts” spelled backwards…so, feast on God’s provision…I promise it will be more satisfying that a Heath Bar!

What are some examples of your spiritual comfort food? Leave a comment here.

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