Delaware Drinks in God’s Goodness

We returned Sunday from Fresh Grounded Faith (FGF) in Delaware and are running over with gratefulness.

I must say, I just love the sisters in the Northeast! They were so real and receptive. Our Conference Director, Theresa Wiggins, wrote a recap email to our staff this morning, and I couldn’t communicate what God did among us any better! So, here’s an excerpt from her email to give you a sip of Fresh Grounded Faith!

Theresa wrote:

“On Thursday evening as we were training the greeters, a lady asked me about a seat saver card. This is something each volunteer receives. It lets them go into the sanctuary and reserve their seat.

This volunteer shared with me that she was bringing a friend, her friends name was Linda, she shared Linda had NEVER been to church. I stopped and shared with her that she didn’t need to volunteer this weekend but to sit and serve Linda instead. She began to cry and we prayed that Linda would hear the Gospel for the first time and receive Christ.

As we entered the church on Saturday there were many things to do and many of us were rushing to get started. The church began to fill and the conference started with Michael O’Brien leading us in worship.

As the morning went on, Jennifer shared her message with passion and a need to come to the cross. As many women stepped out to be prayed for, many headed to the prayer room, and Jennifer asked that they leave quietly for lunch. She sensed God was up to something, and He was! As the sanctuary remained with about 70 women crying out to God, I wondered where Linda might be.

Lunch was quickly over and we headed back to hear more from Michael, Stormie, and Jennifer.

Soon the conference was over, and Jennifer thanked the wonderful volunteers, First Baptist Church, and the Local Conference Coordinators. We began the tear down.  As we collected all the communication cards to read over, we quickly found out that the Lord had indeed showed up, we had 6 women decided to commit their lives to Jesus, 22 decided to make this a fresh start, 1 lady still had questions about Jesus and becoming a Christian, 19 women wanted to connect with a small group and 71 women requested prayer.

I still wondered about Linda. I didn’t think I saw a  communication card from someone named Linda. As I sat down to speak with the Local Conference Coordinators I re-read the cards looking for Linda’s name, but I did not find it. But then one of the Local Conference Coordinators shared with me that indeed Linda had become a Christ-follower that day, and she has signed up at the Bible Study Connection Center to attend the Bible Study Missing Pieces starting after the conference at one of the co-host churches. I was so grateful to hear 7 women had come to Jesus!

There were also 25 children sponsored through our partner in ministry Compassion International. And we rejoice today that in one of the smaller states in the United States women decided to step out in faith and sponsor 25 children throughout the world. Just think of the many more children that will be changed through this weekend.

The weekend was busy, but as I reflected I thought about Linda’s first time in church this weekend what that might have felt like to her? I am rejoicing today because of all of the things God did this weekend, but I rejoice because someone invited her to Fresh Grounded Faith and now Linda will be in heaven!”

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