Summer Afternoons, Good Shoes, and a Comfy Read

My favorite Henry James quote is, “Summer afternoon – Summer afternoon; to me those have always been the two most beautiful words in the English language.”

“Well, my “summer afternoons” have been full this month. The long, lazy days of summer have afforded some time for reading, writing, playing, cleaning, organizing and traveling!

We ended June by attending ICRS in St. Louis where my Dr. Phil and I got to visit with my publisher and reconnect with lots of friends in the publishing world.  We had dinner with our pals from Harvest House, I signed books and had interviews.  It always inspires me to see how God is working in Christian books and music.

We also went to a Cardinals Game (fb video: last sixty seconds), and the St. Louis Science Center, and capped it off with a pie from pi with dear friends.

Man, lots of fun…lots of walking too!  I’ve just got to tell you about the most amazing shoes!  I promised myself if I stayed on my treadmill for four weeks, I would get new tennis shoes.  They are Reebok Women’s EasyTone Inspire Walking Shoe.  They supposedly tone and strengthen legs and help you burn more calories.  They feel like you’re walking on cushy sand because they have balance pods under the forefoot and heel.  But they aren’t the big obnoxious pods that look like you’re walking on huge, white, inflated marshmallows!  All I know is they are amazingly comfortable and I love them.  I guess, like Cinderella, I’m proof that a pair of shoes can change a girl’s life (and thighs!) So, give these things a taste test:”

1.Read a good book from one of the authors I saw at ICRS.  They really are tops.

2. The Age of Lincoln by Orville Vernon Burton

3. Reebok Women’s EasyTone Inspire Walking Shoe

What have you tasted lately? Leave a comment here.

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