Strawberry Fields Forever – FGF Highlights, Plant City, FL

Did you know that Plant City, FL is the winter strawberry capital of the world? I didn’t, but I do now! This weekend at Fresh Grounded Faith, we had strawberry everything — soap, cookies, afghans, rain boots, toboggans, shirts, earrings, bracelets, chocolate covered strawberries, strawberry shortcake…. I am sure you get my point! It was so fun!

And oh, sisters… it was such a great start to our spring season of Fresh Grounded Faith. God was so very present, all of the volunteers gave generously from their hearts, it was so well-organized, and you could practically feel how open to the Lord’s moving the entire audience was. So thankful.

I Wish We All Could Be California Girls – FGF Highlights, Yorba Linda, CA

Yes, I wish I could be one of those California girls we hung out with last weekend at Fresh Grounded Faith – Yorba Linda! What a great, fun, gracious, loving, warm, beautiful group of women who gathered at The Friends Church for a jam-packed weekend of wonderfulness!
PicMonkey Collage-FGF Yorba Linda

Special thank you to Cindy Gosting, Julia Humphrey, and Corrie Mattson for the beautiful photos!
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Buckeyes and Blessings – FGF Highlights, Centerville, Ohio

“Careful, Jennifer… there’s a lady in front of you!”

That’s what Christie called out from right behind me as we climbed up the moving escalator. Christie said, “She’s blind and determined, so watch out!” as she scaled the stairs just a step behind me.

The lady just laughed a nervous laugh and probably went home and told her family, “You won’t believe what I saw on the escalator today in Atlanta… a crazy blind woman with a white cane running up the escalator while the sane, sighted people just stood there.”


Click here for the complete photo album. Thank you, Sue Suther, for the wonderful photos!

So… that’s what happened on the way to Fresh Grounded Faith – Centerville.