I Went Shopping For You

Welcome to my birthday bash! If you’re just joining us, let me fill you in: My 50th birthday is just around the corner, and I’m celebrating by letting my inner nerd out to party! So, what’s my inner nerd? Well, it’s that I absolutely love C.S. Lewis. This week I’ll be talking all things C.S. Lewis on my blog, Facebook, and Twitter. Then, on Saturday, I’m giving away the Ultimate C.S. Lewis Swag Bag to one lucky winner! Be sure to enter the contest at the end of this post, and catch up on the party HERE.

Isn’t it liberating to be openly nerdy? I loved hearing about your inner nerdiness this weekend. Life is just more fun this way!


I went shopping for you and filled the Ultimate C.S. Lewis Swag Bag! I’ve been dying to show you what’s inside, and today is the day! One lucky winner will get the whole bundle. Whether you’re a Lewis fanatic like me or just getting to know him, you’ll love this bag. At the end of this post, you can enter to win! It’s easy-peasy. But first, here’s what’s in the bag.

Setting My Inner Nerd Free

I am about to turn 50 years old and I want to celebrate.

Any woman turning 50 should be able to celebrate however she wants to, right? (Nod your head.) She should be able to, at least for one week, celebrate by letting her inner most nerd escape and party. Right? (I hope you’re still nodding yes!)

Well since you agree, I am going to have a big C.S. Lewis bash for the next 7 days! (Strike up the band!) And below, I’ll share with you how to win the Ultimate C.S. Lewis Swag Bag!


Flying with a Fallen Soldier

The 90-minute flight ended as the plane landed and the pilot’s voice rang through the speaker above our heads.

Fallen soldier

“Welcome to Springfield. We have some very special passengers on this flight. We have been privileged to carry a fallen soldier to his final rest. His family is with us and, out of respect and gratefulness, please remain seated as they make their way off the aircraft first. We thank them for their sacrifice.”