2 Ways to Break Out of Your Comfort Zone

Hot dogs. I do not like hot dogs. I’m sorry if you are a “dog” lover, but I just can’t stomach the things!

That is, except when I was pregnant with both of our sons. Oh, girl, then I actually craved hot dogs. I couldn’t get enough of them, and personally downed a minimum of a pack a week.

2 Ways to Break Out of Your Comfort Zone jpg

For all my experience with the fabulous franks, however, I had no idea that I really didn’t know how to eat them! I learned, though. Boy, did I learn!

And it was my son, Connor, who taught me—back when he was only four years old.

When God Doesn’t Change Your Circumstances

Have you asked and asked and asked (and begged) God to change your circumstance? I sure have. When we carry a heavy burden for a long time, we get weary and worn down. An extended hospital stay. A hard marriage. An unfair project at work. A health issue. A chronic or even terminal diagnosis. 


There are so many things in this life we wish God would change. We ask. He doesn’t always do what we ask when we ask, right?  

2 Simple Ways to Change Your Past

Change the past? Huh?

Do you think maybe I’m being a little presumptuous — or maybe a little ignorant — to even suggest that changing the past is possible?

Oh girl, I wish I could change some things about my past and I know you do too!

2  Simple Ways to Change Your Past

We’ve all got stuff… stuff that happened to us that we wish we could change. We’ve all got stuff… stuff we’ve done we wish we could undo.

But, we can’t.

Entering a New Gate

Green field - new gateThe farmer recounted how his cows behaved when he put up a new gate:

“Mooo, that’s not been here before…Must turn around.” 

He described how they shift, shake their heads and moo.  Some turn and wander away.  Some stand before it paralyzed.

That very gate may be the way to greener pastures and lush surroundings.  That single gate may be what stands between the thirsty cow and a fresh watering hole.  But the cow stares at the gate–half confused, half offended–and seems to think, “Moo, moo…that doesn’t belong here.  I’m just gonna turn around and go back, or stand here and stare at it.”

We often act like cows at new gates.  

What we really long for is just on the other side of something new and unfamiliar, but we often forfeit what we really desire because to get there means we have to face what is new and unfamiliar.  It feels entirely too risky. However, gates are not barriers unless you are unwilling to open them and pass through.