Don’t Worry, God is In Charge of Those Who Are In Charge

Last November was an election like no other! The voters’ voices were heard, the protesters concerns were noted and now, the ballots are counted, the Electors have voted and… ta-da! (or uh-oh) Inauguration Day is almost here!

Now, if the election went your way, well, all that is just groovy! But, if you didn’t want Trump to be the president, well then Inauguration Day may flat-out depress you.

If the Election Has Made You Crazy

Okay, I just need to call it what it is… discouraging. Disappointing. Deflating. Depressing. Yes, I’m talking about this election year! It’s crazy!

We’ve got enough collective concern and anxiety to fill the Grand Canyon ten times over!


Lots of us feel worried and even disgusted about what is going on in America during this crazy election season, right?