Grace in the Bluegrass: A Refreshing Recap of Fresh Grounded Faith Lexington, KY

Nestled in the heart of the Bluegrass State, Fresh Grounded Faith Lexington brought together over a thousand women from Kentucky and neighboring states for a soul-stirring weekend of faith, fellowship, and fun.

Fresh Grounded Faith Lexington Kentucky Angela Thomas Pharr Meredith Andrews Shaun Groves Jennifer Rothschild

Thank you to Kat Rankin for the beautiful photos. To see the entire Facebook photo album, click here.

Against the backdrop of rolling hills and vibrant meadows, we dove into the transformative power of grace. With grace as the central theme, the event was a beautiful tapestry of inspiring messages, uplifting music, and heartfelt stories.

Spill the Beans LIVE with Tammy Trent and Shaun Groves at Fresh Grounded Faith Greenville, SC [Episode 284]

Spill Beans Live Greenville Tammy Trent Shaun Groves

We are coming to you LIVE from a Fresh Grounded Faith event in Greenville, South Carolina, where I’m spilling the beans with two of my good friends, Shaun Groves and Tammy Trent.

We’re talking about knowing your calling, giving grace when someone you love disappoints you, and dealing with depression. Plus, Tammy speaks a good word of encouragement to the ladies who are single or single again.

Oh, and you’ll want to hear about how I climbed the Great Wall of China in the dead of winter on ice, as well as the story of my worst makeup mix-up EVER!

Spill the Beans LIVE with Katherine Wolf at Fresh Grounded Faith Atlanta, GA [Episode 272]

Spill Beans Atlanta Georgia Katherine Wolf Michael O'Brien

Get ready, my friend, because today we’re headed to Atlanta, Georgia where we recorded this episode LIVE at a Fresh Grounded Faith event.

Katherine Wolf and Michael O’Brien joined me in spilling the beans, and WOW! I was so grateful for their wisdom and perspective as they helped answer a wide range of questions from the audience!

We were asked about the hardest lesson we’ve ever had to learn, if we’ve ever struggled with comparison as a result of our disabilities, and how to deal with teenagers who are struggling with gender dysphoria.

A Big Shout Out to the Home Team – FGF Highlights, Springfield, MO

The final Fresh Grounded Faith conference of the year is a wrap, and what a treat it was to end our 2023 tour in my hometown, Springfield, Missouri!

Fresh Grounded Faith Springfield Missouri Annie F. Downs Karen Kingsbury Mark Meyer Worship Collective

Thank you to Chuck Neely for the beautiful photos. To see the entire Facebook photo album, click here. For those of you who joined the photo booth fun, you can view Friday’s photos here and Saturday’s photos here.

Since the Springfield conference is an annual event, it’s one I look forward to every year for so many reasons:

Ripe for the Harvest, an Abundance of Grace – FGF Highlights, Fargo, ND

When we woke up on Saturday morning in Fargo, the air was a crisp 16° and there was a snowy landscape that shimmered in the moonlight. Even though the sun was just barely shining, the moon was still on display—full, bright, and absolutely huge!

Fresh Grounded Faith Fargo Michael O'Brien Margaret Feinberg Jennifer Rothschild Compassion International

Thank you to LuAnn McDonald for the beautiful photos. To see the entire Facebook photo album, click here. For those of you who joined the photo booth fun, you can view your photos here.

You would think we were in the middle of winter with the way it looked and felt outside, but I had to remind myself that it’s still fall—we’re still in the middle of the harvest.

Well, little did I know that God would show me exactly what kind of harvest it would be later on that day.

Spill the Beans LIVE with My Crazy Friends at Fresh Grounded Faith Fort Worth, TX [Episode 267]

spill beans fort worth texas annie f. downs tammy trent shaun groves

What do you get when you put me, Annie F. Downs, Tammy Trent, and Shaun Groves together at a bistro table in Texas? You get the craziest, most fun, deep, and inspiring conversation ever!

These crazy friends joined me in Fort Worth for a Fresh Grounded Faith event, and at the end of the conference, we got to be both silly and serious as we answered questions from the audience.

We talked about how to deal with loneliness, how to let go of hurts and disappointments, and how to find fulfillment in the monotony of everyday life.