Spill the Beans LIVE with My Crazy Friends at Fresh Grounded Faith Fort Worth, TX [Episode 267]

spill beans fort worth texas annie f. downs tammy trent shaun groves

What do you get when you put me, Annie F. Downs, Tammy Trent, and Shaun Groves together at a bistro table in Texas? You get the craziest, most fun, deep, and inspiring conversation ever!

These crazy friends joined me in Fort Worth for a Fresh Grounded Faith event, and at the end of the conference, we got to be both silly and serious as we answered questions from the audience.

We talked about how to deal with loneliness, how to let go of hurts and disappointments, and how to find fulfillment in the monotony of everyday life.

Can I Stop Chasing Happy and Pursue Purpose Instead? With Phil Waldrep [Episode 177]

Stop Chasing Happy Pursue Purpose Instead Phil Waldrep

GIVEAWAY ALERT: You can win the book Stop Chasing Happy by this week’s podcast guest. Keep reading to find out how!

The world wants you to believe a person, product, or lifestyle can bring you fulfillment. Even as a Christian, it’s easy to fall for these empty promises and find yourself frustrated when they don’t deliver.

So, how can you experience soul-deep peace that endures beyond the sugar rush of earthly distractions?

My Extraordinarily Ordinary Thanksgiving List

It’s Thanksgiving! This wonderful holiday begs us to recognize life’s blessings – both big and small.

There are some extraordinarily ordinary things I am thankful for, so I thought I would share part of my list with you. I hope you will share part of your extraordinarily ordinary grateful list with me too!

My Husband Doesn’t Fulfill Me

Hello my friends! Today I want to introduce to you Caroline Rothschild – my daughter-in-law. She’s an incredibly wise young woman with tons of charm and insight. She married our oldest son, Clayton, last year. They now live in Houston, TX. Fun little tidbit about her: when we were expecting our second baby (15 years ago), Dr. Phil and I were planning to name the baby “Caroline” if she were a girl … well, the baby was a boy who we ended up naming Connor, BUT now we finally have our very own daugther named Caroline! Cool, huh?

She and our son met at Baylor University, where she graduated with a Professional Writing degree. She went on to receive a masters degree in Theology from Truett Seminary. She has a great blog with a growing following and I am just so happy you will get to know her. I know you will love her as much as I do!

Today she’s talking about marriage – a truth that rings true whether you’re single, a newly wed, or married for 27 years like my Dr. Phil and me!

“My Husband Doesn’t Fulfill Me”

Now don’t get me wrong, my husband is my favorite person in the world. He’s my best friend, and I love him with all of myself. He makes me laugh harder than anyone else, and we can go on adventures or sit at home and have a blast. He reminds me to dream and reminds me that I am capable, intelligent, and can really make a difference in this world.

Yet, if I’m really honest, I still get lonely. I get insecure, weary, and I doubt myself. It would be so simple if I could just sit next to him on the couch and have the painful empty places that loneliness and security create filled up by him. I know I’d be the happiest wife if he could do that for me. But, even though I wish he did, he doesn’t fulfill me.

He doesn’t give me value.

He doesn’t make me important.

He doesn’t make me smart.

He doesn’t give me confidence.

He doesn’t make me pretty.

rothschild_051 copy
My husband doesn’t fulfill me because he can’t fulfill me. He’s not able. He’s not supposed to. The pure love of my husband was never intended to fulfill me.