Do You Deserve Hell?


Spill The Beans

Dear Jennifer,

So from the second chapter in Missing Pieces: Are you saying that even after we are God’s redeemed-from-the-curse children, that He still deals with us as if we deserve hell? Are we warranted and to be grateful if we experience anything that is less than hell because it is not hell itself?

Thank you for taking the time to address this because I cannot find an answer, and no other Christians I have asked can show me verses that say we still deserve hell.

Just Scold Me Now

“Can you scold me right now?”  Those were Connor’s words as he walked into the living room.  “Connor,” I growled, “you are a bad boy!”  Of course, I was kidding; I was just responding to his humorous request for scolding.  Then he said, “Thanks. I just remembered I have homework.”

This ordinarily wouldn’t be a problem, but it was bedtime. And putting off homework until bedtime would be a problem. I asked if he was serious and with a grave tone of voice he said, “Totally.”  I think he expected a real scolding with a serious tone from me, but instead, Phil and I laughed. Phil told him to quickly shower and then he could knock it out. He went to the shower without words.