Do You Deserve Hell?


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Dear Jennifer,

So from the second chapter in Missing Pieces: Are you saying that even after we are God’s redeemed-from-the-curse children, that He still deals with us as if we deserve hell? Are we warranted and to be grateful if we experience anything that is less than hell because it is not hell itself?

Thank you for taking the time to address this because I cannot find an answer, and no other Christians I have asked can show me verses that say we still deserve hell.

Jennifer’s Response:

Oh no, sister! A Christian is redeemed from the curse and is in Christ. Christ does not deserve hell and so, if He is in us and we are in Him, we do not “deserve” hell either.

The point of this teaching is that pre-Christ, outside Christ and without Christ, there is no alternative but hell. Hell is the tragic end for those who die unredeemed from the curse of sin.

Without Christ’s forgiveness and redemption, our sin remains. Our sin makes us unworthy of heaven because heaven is perfect. We can’t go there with our sin. That’s why Jesus died for our sins; He dealt with it in an ultimate way.

He conquered it, so we could be forgiven and clean, able to bow before God in heaven. But, without that cleansing, we are subject to the full weight of our sin which is death and hell.

In our pre-Christ state, we only deserve hell because sin deserves hell. Sin is not worthy of heaven. If not for Christ, we would have received what the weight of our sin deserved.

But, Christ took what He did not deserve so we would never have to. The reason I emphasized this was because sometimes we forget how much we have received in Christ and how much we have been spared from because of His sacrifice.

Such amazing divine unfairness. Thank You Lord! I hope this clarification helps.

Bless you sister,




Ephesians 2 says because Christ died for us, our spirits were made ALIVE in Him forever. What does that passage mean to you?



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