What to Bring to Your Mammogram

My local nail salon is the perfect place to learn the neighborhood news. Women stream in and out of the shop 5 days a week, each with their latest reports and opinions! Since getting my nails done, I’ve learned the best way to baste a turkey, how to make homemade cleaning supplies, and what to see at our local discount theatre! But, nothing compares to what I learned from Shelly.next-mammogram

Shelly shared how she’d been to her annual mammogram just days before her nail appointment.  When she sat down to be filed, buffed and polished, she wove quite a tale.

Jesus Gives Ever-Laughing Life

Several years ago I spoke at a church in Knoxville, Tennessee where I met an 8-year-old little girl named Bailey.

Bailey was born blind, but she had no idea boundaries existed! When I first met her, she fluttered about me like a butterfly with fresh new wings. She giggled and chattered with the most expressive lilt to her sweet voice! She was a delight.


When I discovered she loved to sing, I invited her to join me on stage.

When she got up on stage, she held the microphone like a pro… and totally upstaged me! Before she began her song, she made an unexpected announcement to the audience…