Can I Build a Faith That Lasts? With Alli Patterson [Episode 246]

Build Faith Lasts Alli Patterson

How do you stay strong when cracks begin to form in your life? Is your faith strong enough to help you stand when hardships try to knock you down? Or, are you clinging to the idea that if only the storms of life stayed away, you would be okay?

While trouble in this life is inevitable, collapse is not!

And today, author Alli Patterson will teach you how to build a faith that can withstand anything the world throws at it.

Can I Weather the Storm With Hope? With Grace Fox [Episode 224]

Weather Storm Hope Grace Fox

It’s not a matter of if the storms of life will come, but when. Yet in our isolated culture, lots of people are cut off from genuine help when the storm hits. Their helplessness leads to hopelessness, and without hope, they lose their sense of purpose.

But here’s the good news: Christ offers hope! And today’s guest, Grace Fox, shares how to weather life’s storms with hope. Oh, and as a woman who lives on a sailboat, Grace knows a thing or two about weathering life’s storms!

Making Sense of the Storms

My neighbor, Judy, has a room in her home that features striking photographs of storms. Paris, Milan, Montego Bay…all places where majestic, beautiful storms were captured on film. As she described each photograph to me, I became curious as to why she chose storms as her décor. I asked her why she collected such interesting art. “I love storms,” she said.

“What do you love about storms?” I asked. After all, I thought, “I guess they’re beautiful, but they’re also mammoth, intimidating and sometimes fierce.” I thought it was an unusual thing to have such an interest in. Her answer struck me as profound – “They remind me of the presence of God.”