13 Things That Help Me Do Blindness Well

Do you ever get asked about how you put on makeup? Probably not! But as a blind woman who does her own make-up, I get that question all the time. Along with a few other questions about how I live my everyday life.

I’ve shared some of these things before from the stage at my Fresh Grounded Faith events and on my podcast when I spilled the beans about blindness.

So, in honor of Blindness Awareness Month (October), I decided to put it all in one place with this list of gadgets and tools that are my must-haves for navigating blindness.

Whether you’re curious about how I do life as a blind woman, or maybe you or someone you know is blind or losing their sight and you’re looking for helpful resources, here are 13  things that help me do blindness well.

I Have a Pursenality Disorder

What is in my purse?

A few years ago, Candace Cameron Bure and I had a little girl-talk about what was in our purses.

You know, you can learn a lot about a gal by what’s in her purse!

So, I thought I would share with you our conversation.


I want to know about you… so, at the end, please let me know what is in your purse and I also want to leave you with something from Scripture that you can tuck in your heart — or your purse!