How to Be Victorious Over Your Enemy

Sometimes life can get crazy, can’t it?

The car breaks down… your phone won’t stop ringing… the dishwasher floods the kitchen… your child loses his homework… your computer crashes… your dad is in the hospital… the dog, well never mind. You get the idea.

It just seems like sometimes we get pelted with big stuff and little stuff… one thing after another.


That is how it was in our house last week. Stuff, stuff, stuff!

But, more difficult than broken appliances and interrupted schedules is when our heart’s break, or our fear rises, or our souls get pelted with condemnation and lies…

If you’re tired of throwing your hands up in defeat, put your foot down instead.
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“You’re not good enough.”
“You can’t get anything right.”
“You’re such a failure.”

When we get banged up by life because of difficult situations, constant little frustrations, or lies, we can feel really shaken up, can’t we?

When my life feels like it is a snow globe in the hands of a juggler, I just want to throw my hands up and shout, “Enough!” But, girl, I am learning that when I want to throw my hands up, I need to put my foot down and say, “Enough!”

If you’re tired of throwing your hands up, put your foot down!

Sometimes, we just need to stand up tall in our authority in Christ and say “enough” to the enemy who is pelting us with his fiery darts. We need to put our foot on the neck of our enemy.

The people of God are victorious and have authority over their enemy!
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There was a unique ceremony associated with Bible warfare called the subjugation ceremony. It was the last act of a military surrender. The conquered king or general was forced to lay on the ground with his head bent far enough forward so that the victorious king or general could put their foot in the center of his neck. This act proclaimed publicly that the enemy had been overthrown and his army rendered powerless.

Our enemy often feels stronger than we are. It can feel like his constant attacks squash us and keep us in defeat. But, the truth is that the enemy is the one who is defeated, overthrown, and powerless — he is under your feet!

I love that because what is under your feet is under your authority.

The reason a victorious warrior stood on the necks of their enemies was so that the defeated enemy would know their position. They were not in charge. They were powerless. They were under the authority of the victor.

The people of God are victorious and we have authority over our enemy! We stand on the neck of Satan and can take authority over him.

The enemy cannot steal your joy, dictate your attitude, or defeat you. He is not the boss of you!
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He cannot steal our joy.
He cannot dictate our attitudes.
He is not the boss of you.
He can try to attack, but he cannot defeat you.

He may throw a fit or toss a fiery dart your way, but, girl, you can hold up the breastplate of righteousness and show him whose boss!

Truth is your weapon.

Fight the enemy with your greatest weapon… Truth
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Fight back and watch how God will win! We triumph over him through the blood of the Lamb and the word of our testimonies! Revelation 12:11

The enemy will fall… you will stand tall!

When we get victory over the enemy — when we’ve conquered one of his lies with truth or maintain joy even when our life is a mess, the enemy will often come in even harder and faster. If we aren’t prepared, we can get scared or discouraged and just throw up our hands again.

But, sister, don’t get discouraged. You don’t fight FOR a position of victory… you fight FROM a position of victory. The enemy may squirm and squawk, but he is still under your feet!

You don’t have to fight FOR a position of victory, you fight FROM a position of victory.
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We will not fear even if the darts start to fly.

We will not be discouraged even if the lies start to bombard us again.

We will not throw up our hands in desperation.

We will put our foot down in dominance because victory is already ours through Him!

This is your day!

Stand up right now, lift up your foot and stomp it right back down on the ground. Tell the enemy who is trying to take you down that he is defeated — he is under your authority. Your foot is on his neck!

Greater is He who is in you than he that is in the world. 1 John 4:4
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Sister, greater is He who is in you than he that is in the world… because he that is in the world is under your feet! Thanks be to God who ALWAYS leads us in victory because of Christ! 2 Corinthians 2:14

So, stomp, stomp, stomp when you’ve got stuff, stuff, stuff!

Man, I’m fired up now!

In the comments below, why don’t you take a second to tell yourself and everyone else that Satan is not going to defeat you! The “word of your testimony” is how you overcome his sorry stuff so type away!!

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