What to Do When You Are Overwhelmed

I’m writing this blog as I sip my third… count the mugs… third cup of coffee!

I woke up exhausted!

I finally got out of bed this morning after tossing and turning all night.


Insomnia is miserable, isn’t it? And, the most miserable part of insomnia is that you can’t sleep through it! (Wink) It just keeps you awake all night so you won’t miss a second of it!

I felt completely overwhelmed.

Every time I woke up during the night I felt it… anxiety.

I couldn’t figure out why I was feeling that way.

Ever had that happen to you?

I bet you have — I think we’ve all had nights like that.

When I can’t figure out how to fix my problem, I realize it’s because I need to focus my prayer.
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I’m the kind of girl who is so practical that if I wake up in the middle of the night worried because I didn’t finish a project, I will just get up and finish the project! I don’t spend my night dreading something. I will just get up and do it.

Anything that pops up in my heart or mind that is an issue, I just deal with it — I try to make it a non-issue.

But, last night, I couldn’t find a project to finish or a problem to fix. I was just out of sorts.

When I couldn’t put my finger on how to fix my problem I realized it was because…

I needed to focus my prayer.

My heart was overwhelmed so I prayed, “…when my heart is overwhelmed, take me to the rock that is higher than I.”  (Psalm 61:2)

I quoted it over and over to myself. I prayed the scripture back to God.

I need God to take me to the rock of His comfort-His stability-His strength.
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He showed me that I just needed God to take me to Himself. I didn’t need to run from my problems, or run to a solution, or even run to Him — I needed Him to draw me to Himself, to the Rock. I needed God to take me to the rock of His comfort… the rock of His stability… the rock of His strength.
Don’t rely on your own strength when your heart is overwhelmed. Ask the Lord for His strength.
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And, he did. He will do the same for you when you are overwhelmed, out of sorts, or worried.

I could give you a few pointers on what to do when you’re worried or overwhelmed, or what to do when you can’t sleep. But, I think the best thing I can tell you is what not to do.

Don’t rely on your strength when your heart is overwhelmed and try to fix your problem.

Instead, focus your prayer. Tell the Lord your heart is overwhelmed and ask Him to take you to the rock that is higher than you. And He will.

Our strength is like gravel — tiny pebbles we can’t stand on. But, God’s strength, God Himself, is a rock.

He will shelter you in the cleft of His rock. (Psalm 91:1, 2)
He is your rock and refuge. (2 Samuel 22:3 Psalm 18:2)
He is your redeemer and rock. (Psalm 78:35)
He is the rock where you may always come. (Psalm 71:3)
He is your everlasting rock. (Isaiah 26:4)

Our strength is like gravel—tiny pebbles we can’t stand on. But, God’s strength is a rock.
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So, don’t let worry take you down… ask God to take you to the Rock.

Question: In what area of your life do you need to be reminded that God is your Rock? Do you have a favorite scripture that reminds you of God’s strength and stability?

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