What Brave Women Say to Themselves

Before I lost my hero dad, I had no idea grief would make me feel fatigued and hollow. There were many days I thought, “I can’t do this” or “I can’t face this.”

And then, I thought about my mom.

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The strength I see in my mom is beyond what I imagine possible. Dad was her best friend. For 55 years, they did life and ministry together. Now, she is alone.

She weeps and she presses on. She cries and she consoles others. She perseveres, determined to find joy even while she feels such loss. She is generous in her grief; focusing on others’ tears, not just her own.

I hate this loss, but I love how it has revealed the essence of mom. Deep down, she is a warrior!

Dad always believed in her and praised her. Now, in his passing, the loss has provided a chance for him to continue to say, “Look at this woman! Isn’t she amazing?!”

My mom is a “She Can” woman!

She trusts her God and His plan. She feels deeply, but she doesn’t let every emotion dictate her choices. She has put her will—even though some days it feels awfully weak—under God’s will and that daily choice gets her out of bed each morning. I hope I am half the woman she is when I am called to this hard place someday.

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She has learned something that makes her who she is, and it is something I am learning and you may need to learn too. She has learned how to be her own cheerleader.

Have you ever needed to be your own cheerleader? Have you ever wished you could remember something really motivating to tell yourself when you’re down or afraid?

Everyone feels fear and discouragement. Loss and loneliness can make us want to say, “I can’t,” and just crawl back into bed.

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So, if that’s you, you don’t need to get out the pom poms, you just need to agree with the Truth! Let God’s Truth cheer you on to be the woman He created you to be.

Here are three statements you can use when you need to cheer yourself on—three “She Can Declarations” you can tell yourself to help you be brave even when you feel afraid. These will remind you of who you are and what you have in Christ.

Because, truly, deep down, you are like my mom … we are all “She Can” sisters!

1. She Can Sisters Say, “I Can!”

We can do all things through Christ Who gives us strength … that means “all things!”

When we feel like we can’t, God’s strength says we can.
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Sometimes we get discouraged because we truly think we can’t do something because it’s too hard, too painful, too big, or too risky. But, She Can Sisters don’t say, “I can’t.” They say, “I can do all things through Christ’s strength.”

You can because you don’t have to pull from your strength, you draw from God’s. Sometimes when we think we’re saying, “I can’t,” we’re really saying, “I won’t.” There’s a big difference, sister. Say:

2. She Can Sisters Say, “I Am!”

We are not what we do. We are not how we feel, or what we struggle with, or even what we have accomplished. We are who God says we are.

We are not what we do, feel, or struggle with. We are who God says we are.
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Sometimes we get discouraged or afraid to face life because we define ourselves by our failures. Sometimes, we tie our identity so tightly to our talents or success that when we mess up or realize someone is more talented, we don’t know who we are.

She Can Sisters define themselves the way God does—no more, no less! Say:

3. She Can Sisters Say, “I will!”

When you really realize who you are and what you can do, then the brave response to life’s challenges is to say, “I will!” We take all our human will and we merge it with God’s will. The result is a brave woman who’s unwilling to give up or give in.

God’s strength transforms our fear into bravery.
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Instead of being governed by your “condition” of fear or discouragement, you can choose “volition”— engaging your will to be brave even if you feel fear. That’s what She Can Sisters do because of who they are and what they can do in Christ! Say:

So, there you go, sisters! Every woman needs the reminder, “You can, you are, and you will!”

Now, take on the day!

What “She Can” declaration can you tell yourself today? Share in the comments.

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