What Do You See?

This is the last blog of a five part blog series over Mark 8:22-25. For 5 blog posts now we have been in Bethsada with the blind man and Jesus.I have learned so much from him about spiritual blindness and Jesus’ touch on all our lives. I hope you have too. Here are the links if you want to catch up. Post 1, Post 2, Post 3, Post 4

I think for centuries, the “blind man from Bethsaida” has been misrepresented. He is not actually the “blind man from Bethsaida,” he is actually the “formerly blind man, now sighted man from Bethsaida!” I love that. It should remind me; remind all of us, that our past does not define us. It impacts who we are, but it does not define us. Jesus’ touch on our lives is what defines us.

The formerly blind man’s voice still reverberates from Bethsada and tells us that seeing takes time.

He’s reminding us that truly “seeing” is a process full of confusing and clarifying revelation. But what I hear him shouting most loudly from centuries past is the reminder that Jesus is tender and patient with those who do not or cannot see. He does not leave us in the crowd; blind and alone. He leads us from the crowd and touches us. The result of His touch can result in gradual sight; gradual revelation. But, His touch is complete; no half miracles with Him.

I remember as a little girl in Clearwater, Florida, watching as the first dim recognition of light appeared in the street light in front of my house. It was a fuzzy gray, more a hint than a light. But, I would watch as it became brighter. It happened so slowly that I couldn’t detect when it changed from dim to bright; shadow to brilliant. Even staring at it, I couldn’t discern when it changed I just knew it did and the proof was in the light that no longer was swallowed by shadow, but instead, created shadow as it splashed upon the sidewalk below. The blind man from Bethsaida experienced that kind of healing; in phases.

First, his sight was so blurry that men looked like trees; then he saw clearly. Perhaps healing of spiritual blindness is that way too. It’s not a giant spotlight that bursts on the scene of my darkness, but perhaps it’s a slow emerging, phases that are barely detectable.

What I really desire is when I am asked by Jesus, “What do you see?” my answer will be, “I see You Lord.” Click here to Tweet!

Like the blind man, I want the outcome of healing to be more important than the process of healing. God knows how to open both physical and spiritual eyes. I must trust the light will emerge and stand firm waiting. The process of truly seeing is gradual. At times, men will look like trees to my spiritual sight—things may just not make sense. But, what I really desire is when I am asked by Jesus, “What do you see?” my answer will be, “I see You Lord.”

Someday, we will all see Him clearly;

We will know as we are known…

Bring it on Lord!!

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