No Half Miracles

This is the fourth of a five part blog series post meant to encourage you to think deeper about Scripture. We are nearing the end of this story now found in Mark 8:22-25. The blind man of Bethsaida now can see. If you just arrived in Bethsaida with us, read the last 3 blogs to catch up. Post 1, Post 2, Post 3.

The blind man could have sung the line from Amazing Grace with conviction and celebration: “T’was blind but now I see!”

His healing wasn’t instant but it was complete. But, between the first touch of Jesus and the final touch, there was the awkward in-between place; not totally blind, but not totally healed.

I feel like that is the place I find myself most often when it comes to my spiritual blindness. The blind man’s story reminds me how revelation which comes in stages makes the process feel uncertain and unending. Some days I see with spiritual clarity; I perceive myself clearly and glimpse a right perspective of God. But, other days, men look like trees! Jesus has opened my spiritual eyes to see how little I perceive clearly.

There is so much about God I still don’t understand and so much about my faith that is still untested.

The Apostle Paul was so right; I do see through a glass dimly,(1 Cor 13:12) we all do. I have received revelation that has slain me, liberated me and truly has drawn me to God. But, I am waiting for the touch of Jesus to open my eyes fully.

Life itself is a blurry phase where things just aren’t completely clear. And, it’s a place of waiting, resting and standing.

Jesus didn’t give him half a miracle. He doesn’t give anyone half miracles.

Jesus and the blind man didn’t depart from each other until the blind man was no longer blind. Jesus didn’t give him half a miracle. He doesn’t give anyone half miracles. He won’t give me half a miracle either. He will stand right here with me, and I will stand right here before Him until my faith becomes sight. This healing journey really won’t ever end. Until my body passes from death to life, I will see dimly, even if I enjoy 20/20 vision in my body. Somehow, I take solace in this truth. I did not receive half from God. I am in passage; trusting He who began this good work is and will finish it.


Tomorrow is my last visit with the blind man…and, is that title for him really accurate? Hmmm…

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To be continued…

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